Super glue - very strong adhesive

Instant, very strong bonding super glue is suitable for sticking together virtually any solid and flexible materials. These cyanoacrylate-type super glue adhesives are sometimes known as "instant glues".

Super glue glossary

  • 60 second. Bonds win 60 seconds, perfect for bonding flexible objects or those exposed to stress.
  • Repositionable. Gel super glue allowing adjustment and repositioning. 
  • Flexible gel. Allows flexible bonds for objects that move.
  • Mini trio. 1g shots of superglue, a fresh tube for every application. 
  • Liquid tube. strong, instant bonds, water resistant.
  • Precision bottle. Extended nozzle for pin-point application.
  • Easy brush-in. Built in brush, great for spreading across uneven surfaces.