A Guide to Paper Trimmers

How to choose the right paper trimmer for your office

A paper trimmer can cost as little as £15 and is a useful bit of equipment - especially if your business involves any desktop publishing or graphic design. But if you are going to spend a lot of money on a trimmer, it's important you get one appropriate to your needs. The following guide highlights the qualities to look out for when buying a paper trimmer, but if you are still not sure what to get, give us a call on 0345 567 4000 - we'll be glad to help out, even if that means directing you elsewhere.


The maximum size of paper you are going to cut is the most important factor in choosing your trimmer. Most trimmers can cut paper of at least A4 size. But if you require cutting A0 sheets of paper, you'll need to buy a suitably big trimer. Paper trimmers have cutting guides to position different sizes of paper. Look out for the templates that you will use.

Cutting capacity

Trimmers have varying sheet capacities - the number of sheets you can trim in one go. Sheet capacities range from 5 to 30. The higher the cut capacity, the better the cut quality tends to be.

Blade types

Self-sharpening blades retain cutting accuracy and quality over time. Multi-functional blades allow different styles and cuts, such as wave cutting, perforating and scoring.

Repeat cutting feature

Some trimmers have a backstop to make it easy to cut to the same specifications repeatedly.


Make sure your trimmer provides good after sales support and a good length guarantee.

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