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What is a Paper Guillotine or Paper Trimmer?

Our guillotine experience

Paperstone have over 10 years specialist experience in selling a wide range of over 35 types of guillotine and paper trimmer. Brands stocked include Avery and Dahle. Paperstone sell guillotines and trimmers at massively reduced RRP's and we offer a Price Promise as well - We won't be beaten on price! Cut your costs with Paperstone.

A3 Paper Guillotines - How do they work?

Guillotines use a blade with a vertical cutting motion to cut down through the paper. Our guillotines can cut paper up to size A3. They can also cut up to 480 sheets in one cut!

Paper Trimmers

Find our paper trimmers here

Paper Trimmers cut using a rotary blade on a rail to slice through the paper. Our paper trimmers can cut large sheets of paper up to 1.37m in length. They can also cut up to a maximum of 30 sheets in one cut.

Extra Paper Guillotine & Paper Trimmer information

The guillotine is a device for cutting or trimming paper quickly and neatly. Its name derives from its similarity with the 'Guillotine' execution device made famous by the French Revolution (The Guillotine was in fact used as an execution method in France right up until the 1970s!).

Cutting With a Guillotine

A guillotine consists of a flat bed onto which the paper is placed, a guard which protects your fingers from the blade and also acts to secure the paper in place, and a large blade for cutting the paper. Depending on the model and quality of guillotine, it may cut several sheets of paper in one smooth cut. Cut too many sheets for your guillotine though, and you will find a rough, almost torn look to the edges of the cut.

Using a Guillotine

A guillotine is operated by guiding the paper into place (a mark on the guillotine will indicate where the cut will take place) and then lowering the blade in a swift but smooth motion through the paper. This motion is similar to the famous execution Guillotines of France and is where the office guillotine gets its name.

Guillotine Suitability

High volume paper trimming is now sometimes carried out by laser cutters in stationery suppliers and printers. The guillotine, however, provides a much more cost-effective paper cutting option for most busy offices. Whether laser cutters are introduced to replace the famous French execution guillotine remains to be seen.

Heavy Duty Guillotine Bestseller - Dahle 842

The Dahle 842 is a world-class guillotine. It can cut a massive stack of 180 sheets of 80gsm paper in one easy cut.

The maximum cutting length is 43cm from edge to edge - enough to cut an A3 sheet lengthways or an A2 sheet sideways

The delivery lead time on this impressive guillotine is typically 1-5 days sometimes quicker.

Paperstone sell more Dahle 842s than any other retailer in the UK... How do we do this? But ensuring that we're never beaten on price for the 842 or Dahle 846. If you think you can get it cheaper elsewhere you can't we'll always beat any price on this guillotine

Each machine is hand inspected before it leaves the Dahle warehouse to ensure you recieve a premium product every time you order.

There are many reason for choosing the Dahle 842, these include the cutting length, the cutting depth (180 sheets) but another reason to purchase this guillotine is the extended 2 year warranty. This warranty covers you against any manufacturing issues and runs in addition to the manufacturers warranty.

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