Sharpie pens are an icon in stationery, and the permanent black sharpie pen with a bullet nib and grey casing is the best-known product.

Released in 1964, the Sharpie Fine Point black marker was the first pen-style permanent marker. The pen has the power to write on almost anything, including paper, plastic, glass, wood and stone.  

But the Sharpie range stretches far beyond that well-known classic.

Let’s start with tips. Our our website we sell pens with fine, thin, medium and thick nibs. In terms of pen nib width, you will find pens ranging from 0.8mm to a whopping 15mm. The pens also come in both bullet and chisel tips. Bullet tips are simple and fail-safe, offering one style of writing. Chisel tips, on the other hand, allow you to write thinly with the thin end of the tip, or create stylish calligraphic writing with the entirety thin, flat part of the nib. 

On our website you will also find M15 and W10 pens. M15 pens have thick bullet tips, while W10 are thick chisel tipped pens. These are great for large writing and markings, such as on a box or on a flipchart during a meeting. 

For an even heavier pen, try the sharpie Magnum. With its metal barrel and chisel tip it is a pen that means business, with water and fade resistant ink that writes on more surfaces even if they are wet or oily, and won't disappear. 

Sharpie permanent pens come in many different colours, including the classic black, as well as blue, green, orange, pink, red and yellow. 

Retractable sharpie markers are also available, meaning you can speedily use the pen by pressing down on the spring-powered ink cartridge. 

Sharpie markers are available in multipacks of up to 24.