Coat hook racks - a guide

Coat hook racks are an alternative to a standing coat stand and sometimes represent a better use of office space. They are usually fixed to walls (or sometimes the backs of doors) and provide a home for outerwear and all types of accessories which would otherwise clutter up the working environment.

Where to position your coat hook rack

A doorway, hallway or entrance is a convenient location for a coat hook rack, but they can also be located in closets or lockers. You can mount your hooks on a decorative backboard if you wish. Generally, they are fixed at a height of just under two metres (although they can be lower for children or shorter individuals).

How many hooks do you need?

When you choose a coat hook rack, consider how many hooks you will need. This really depends on the number of people who will be using the room or facility, but remember to allow an extra hook or two for visitors. Most hooks provide two hanging points, for example, you can hang a hat on the upper hanging point and a coat on the lower hanging point. Think about individual storage requirements when purchasing your coat hook rack.