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Tissues at Paperstone

Tissue is a type of paper commonly used to blow ones nose or remove stuff from ones face. Also known as paper handkerchiefs, facial tissues are usually sold in boxes and are disposable.

According to Wikipedia, facial tissues are attested from the 17th century when European travellers observed the use of washi on a Japanese ship: These were silky papers used to blow noses and discarded after one use. Tissue paper is still widely used in Japan and a San-x character, “Tissue-san”, encourages children to use tissues to stop the spread of ‘flu and colds.

Kimberly-Clark developed the Kleenex brand in 1924, originally for the purpose of removing make-up remover. The now household brand name quickly became used for nose-blowing. Kleenex has become a genericised trademark, synonymous with tissue paper.

Tissue of truths

Like toilet tissue, facial tissue is an especially lightweight paper, with a GSM generally below 20. The paper is absorbent, 2- or 3-ply and disposable. These disposable handkerchiefs often have a balanced pH and protective balm to increase comfort of use.

This section also includes disposable hand wipes like Wet Ones which are moist, cooling, pH-balanced wipes, dermatologically tested.