Toilet Roll Dispensers and Refills

Toilet Roll Dispensers are a staple of the workplace toilet. They take many forms but essentially are wall-mounted devices that distribute toilet paper.

Types of toilet roll dispenser

  • In centre-feed toilet roll dispensers, the paper unravels from the middle of the centre-feed roll and is distributed from the bottom of the dispenser.
  • Coreless dispensers are dual toilet roll dispensers that leave no core when the toilet paper runs out.
  • Jumbo roll dispensers comprise a simple, encased large roll which turns on an axis.
  • Bulk dispensers dispense flat-packed, 2-ply toilet paper.

Some toilet paper facts

  • According to a bit of trivia much repeated on the internet, the Pentagon uses an average 666 toilet rolls per day.
  • A toilet roll refill for a jumbo toilet roll dispenser comprises about 2,000 sheets.
  • We use an average 57 sheets of loo roll a day.
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