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Safescan Banknote Counting Machines - Buying Guide

Safescan banknote counting machines eliminate error and massively reduce the time you spend counting notes. Safescan’s banknote counters will not just count the notes, but also check for counterfeits using sophisticated multi-point technology. There’s no faster, more reliable way to count your paper currency at the end of a long business day.

How does the counterfeit detection work?

Safescan machines are designed with between 3 and 6 counterfeit detection checks – including UV, magnetic ink and banknote size.

How accurate are these machine at counting and counterfeit detection?

They have been tried and tested with results showing 100% accuracy counterfeit detection through working directly with the Bank Of England - so you can put your trust into Safescan as the brand for banknote checking and counting.

So I can get on with other things. How many notes can Safescan machines count per minute?

Safescan have a variety of automated counters that are capable of counting around 800 to 1500 notes per minute. There are a couple of manual machine options if you fancy getting more directly involved in the banknote counting process.

... And what if I wanted to mix various sums of notes?

Most machines are made to handle batches of notes. However, for those of you who feel a little more adventurous and want to save even more time, we also offer the Safescan 2685-S. This machine is capable of counting and differentiating mixed banknotes of a single currency and comes with 7 currencies installed as standard, including GBP and EUR.

How many currencies do Safescan machines have installed or have access too?

These banknote checkers and counters have up to 12 currencies installed as standard, including GBP and EUR. Up to 48 extra currencies are available upon request depending on the machine.

These Safescan Banknote checkers and counters are £10 polymer banknote ready!

Where can Safescan Banknote checkers and counters be used?

These machines are very popular in a variety of industries such as Banking, Accountancy, Retail, Education and many more.

Number and Notional Value of Counterfeits Removed from Circulation (rounded to the nearest 1,000) (Bank of England)

Counterfeit notes in UK circulation