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Clear labels for smart and sophisticated labelling

Clear labels are perfect for both personal and professional use as they disappear when applied, leaving a clean, typed-on effect. As the labels are printable, they are easy and quick to customise and have a wide range of uses - from adding a guest’s name to elaborate wedding and party invitations to clearly labelling important equipment and address on envelopes. Clear labels are strong and durable enough to be added to a range of materials, including papers, glass, polished surfaces, and plastic. The sophisticated, transparent look allows the quality of the design or colour underneath to shine, rather that the label itself.

Why choose clear labels?

Clear labels have many uses for home and business. They are not totally invisible, but are more discreet than white or coloured labels. Transparent labels are particularly useful for labelling manufactured products of many types. You notice clear labels everywhere - on cosmetics, bottles of wine, and clothing, for example. They can easily be applied to a wide range of surfaces.

Here are more advantages of clear labels:

  • If you’re a manufacturer, clear labels can help showcase your brand, and point out your product’s benefits. They add a touch of sophistication.
  • In the home, clear labels are useful for labelling CDs, DVDs and containers. They can be a big help in getting your life organised.
  • Clear labels are beautifully subtle. When used as address labels, the recipient will hardly notice a label has been used.
  • As clear labels are made from film, they are waterproof, which can be an added benefit.

To make your task simpler, clear labels are available in a variety of sizes. Both intact and sectioned sheets are available.

Usefully, Avery has a selection of free label templates, which come in a wide range of shapes and sizes - from regular squares and circles, to fun shapes and speech bubbles.