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Laser Labels at Paperstone

At Paperstone we sell a huge variety of laser labels, many of which are compatible with commonly used printers including Hewlett Packard, Brother, Lexmark and Konica-Minolta. While laser labels are generally multipurpose and offer the basics of being smudge-free and durable, many of our stickers are designed for specific uses - making jobs simpler and quicker.

Weatherproof mailing labels, stickers for ring binders, and clothing-friendly name badges are all available - the list is almost endless.

Professional looking-labels are simple to make, whether you’re on a tight budget and need cheap laser labels, or want to go all-out on a project and opt for our highest quality, eco-friendly products which are low-chlorine and FSC-certified.


A label with ‘selvedge’ is a product with a rounded edge. ‘Die cut’ is the method with which they are sliced into a clean shape. 

Laser labels - some useful tips

  • When buying laser labels, remember a colour laser printer requires specially designed colour laser labels. These labels are resilient enough to pass through several stages of colour fixing (red, blue, yellow and black). If you have a black and white laser printer you can use standard laser labels (don’t use inkjet labels though).
  • Most laser labels are designed to be used with the automatic feed tray. For detailed instructions refer to your printer manual.
  • Laser printers generate heat, so sheets of labels should be used once only; otherwise there is a risk that the glue on the labels will melt and cause a paper jam. This may also affect the manufacturers’ guarantees on both the printer and the labels.
  • Never bend the corners on sheets of labels, and fan the sheets before loading them.
  • You can use a word processing programme like Word to organise your label printing. There are many helpful free templates compatible with Word if you go to the Avery website.
  • Multi-functional labels are available and are suitable for both inkjet and laser printers
  • To maximise printer performance, set the paper menu option to ‘thick’
  • Always do a test run on a blank piece of paper first

Click here to view Avery’s wide range of free templates and software which can be used to customise laser labels.