Uni-Ball Rollerball Pens

Uniball rollerball pens are one of the most popular rollerballs pens in the UK.

These pens are made by Mitsubishi Pencils, which was established in the Japanese capital of Tokyo in 1887. 

These pens are particularly sleek and smart in their design, and often include metal clasps and futuristic-looking barrel designs. 

Uniball rollerball pens contain high-quality ink that is released from the cartridge through a tiny sphere in the nib.

At Paperstone you will find a variety of pens from Uniball’s wide-ranging rollerball selection. 

This includes the Uniball Eye, which has a unique ink flow system which enables the pen writes smoothly until the last drop of ink. We also stock the Uniball Eye Micro, which has an extra thin tip and produces a 0.2mm line.

For a pen that is particularly comfortable to write with for a lengthy period of time, choose a Uniball pen with a rubber grip to cushion your fingers. 

Some Uniball pens contain Super Ink. This is the brand’s unique pigment ink which is tamper proof, and does not fade when exposed to light or water. When browsing our website, make sure you select ‘Super Ink’ as a key feature is this interests you.

On this website you can look through many types of Uniball pens, including black, red, and blue-ink pens, as well as erasable and retractable pens.