4 Colour Pens

4 colour pens include four different shades of ink. Most contain red, blue, black and green in one barrel, but other colours are also available. This saves space, and cuts the need to carry four separate pens. Having all the colours in one place also makes switching from colour to colour as easy as flicking a button.

A 4 colour pen is therefore perfect for a job which involves marking work or making a plan easier to understand. 

Here at Paperstone, you will find 4 colour pens from leading stationery brands including 5 Star, Bic, and Paper Mate. Ink by these trusted manufacturers dry quickly and write smoothly. 

4 colour pens are made using ballpoint oil-based ink. This type of stationery is also known as a ball pen or biro. 

This type of ink can write on most surfaces, from paper to card and some plastics. To write with a biro or ballpoint pen, you must apply more pressure than some other types of stationery because they work using gravity. This means that ballpoint pens work particularly well with duplicate and triplicate booklets, as you can be sure the information will transfer onto the sheets below. 

Most ballpoint pens can write between 1,500 to 3,000 metres, meaning a 4 colour pen can last a very long time.