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Pilot Frixion

Pilot Frixion erasable rollerball pens are unique because you can rub out what you have written, just like with a pencil.

The ink is erasable because the barrels contain thermo-sensitive technology. The pens are patented by Pilot - a leading name in stationery. 

Frixion pens use a ballpoint to dispense the ink onto the surface you are writing on. The nature of the ink means it flows freely from the barrel, and is therefore smoother and clearer than biro ballpoint pens. 

Erasable frixion pens come in classic ink colours of blue, red and black. 

Frixion pens are available both with a lid as well as with a retractable tip. The retractable tip makes getting the pen ready for writing slightly quicker, while a pen with a lid looks a little smarter. 

These rollerball pens also come with a range of tips, including 0.5mm and 0.7mm.