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Black n' Red Books

High-quality Black n’ Red notebooks get their name from their striking colour, as they come in both black with red detailing, and red with black detailing. 

This gives them a highly professional, yet modern, feel, whether you pick a small A6 book or a larger A4 notepad.

Here at Paperstone, we stock a huge variety of Black n’ Red products to suit all sorts of businesses.

For a job that requires pages that will flip over easily and stay put, a wirebound book is a great option. 

Wirebound, or spiral, notebooks look great, but casebound pads have a certain professional edge. With sewn sides like a book, and a nifty ribbon marker, they are undeniably smart-looking in the classic Black n’ Red colours. They are also tamper-resistant, so are perfect for keeping permanent records or archives in.

You should also consider whether you need a Black n’ Red notebook with binding in the classic vertical sidebound style, or at the top of the pad. The latter is known as a ‘reporter’ notepad, because it offers that extra element of speed when turning pages.

The cover you pick also makes a difference. Hard covers keep your pages nice and flat in transit, while card covers make the notebook less heavy. 

It is also important to think about what you plan to do with the contents of your notebook. If you will slot sheets of paper into the pad or need your notebook to stay securely closed in your bag, make sure you choose a product which has an elasticated band. If you need to tear out pages later, opt for a notebook featuring paper with perforated edges, or one with pre-punched holes ready for binding.