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A4 Notebooks

It doesn’t matter what profession you’re in, A4 notebooks are endlessly useful: from jotting down ideas to mapping out detailed plans, and writing out lengthy notes at a meeting. 

Whatever you need your A4 pad for, you will likely be able to find the perfect fit at Paperstone.

A4 size

A4 is twice the size of A5 and half the size of A3!

A series paper sizes

We offer a wide variety of notebooks from a range of well-known brands including Pukka Pads, 5 Star, Black n’ Red, Cambridge, and Silvine. If you need something basic to get the job done, we also sell economy A4 notepads. 

Thanks to this huge selection of brands, the different types of notebooks we offer is vast.

Firstly, consider what the notebook will be used for. Wirebound, or ‘spiral’, A4 notebooks make scribbling down ideas quickly a breeze as you can turn pages fast, while casebooks with a book-like spine are sleek and smart but are less suited to tearing pages from. 

Looking for an A4 notebook in a certain colour? We sell pads in a tonnes of shades, from the standard black and white to metallic, and fashionable manilla brown which looks a little like a paper bag.  

Paper quality is also another consideration: do you need Pukka Pads’ finest 90gsm high-quality sheets, or will an economy pad do the trick? If you are ecology-conscious, we also have recycled A4 notebooks.