Hardback Notebooks

Hardback notebooks come in many different styles, but they are all great for neatly storing notes and are difficult to tamper with because they are glue bound. 

At Paperstone, we have notebooks by trusted brands including 5 Star, Black n’ Red, Collins, Pukka Pads and Silvine.

Hardbacks come in a variety of sizes, including A4, A5, and A6. While A4 offers more space on which to jot down ideas and notes, A5 notepads are easier to slip in your bag or desk, while A6 pads are great on the go.

If you need a simple, smart-looking book, card and hardcover books work well. However, soft-cover hardback notepads are just that little bit more sleek. 

Hardback notepads at Paperstone are available plain and lined, as well as indexed and numbered for tasks that need an extra level of efficiency.

Noteapads come in a range of colours from black to stylish manila brown.