Triplicate Books

They sound fancy, but triplicate books are simply used to transfer writing from an original sheet onto two separate sheets below.

Triplicate books are therefore used by a variety of business, from restaurants to offices. 

Here at Paperstone, you can find triplicate books in a range of styles. Each book is made of carbonless paper. Neater than carbon paper, carbonless paper is sensitive to pressure and is also more consistent. 

When selecting your triplicate book, consider what you will use it for in order to choose between taped cloth and wirebound options. 

Taped cloth books are the most commonly used. But wirebound books make it easier to fold the triplicate book back or lay it flat, making writing on the go less tricky. 

These books are numbered in sets, so organising records is simple. 

Triplicate books also come in a range of sizes, and are generally sold in multi-packs.