Recycled Paper - A Guide

What is recycled paper?

Recycled paper is paper manufactured from paper and board waste fibre, especially post-consumer waste, that is, paper garbage – used office and writing paper, packaging, junk mail, news and mags, etc. – discarded by you and me.

Recycling paper thus reduces end waste and saves on virgin wood from trees for pulping – it's kinder to the environment.


The quality of recycled paper is now indistinguishable from that of paper which isn't recycled and you can buy recycled versions of all paper types A3, A4, laser, inkjet, photo, large format rolls, whatever. But even if you don't buy recycled paper, you can recycle the paper that you do use to help ease the burden on forests.

Need more info?

Ethical Consumer has an excellent guide to recycled copier paper and pads.

Look out also for paper certified by the Forest Stewardship Council ("FSC-certified"), an international organisation committed to sustainable forestry.