Listing Paper for Computers - A Guide

In this section you'll find a complete range of continuous listing paper, sometimes referred to as computer paper, dot matrix paper or continuous feed paper. Listing paper, sometimes known as computer, dot matrix or continuous feed paper, is a single sheet of paper, sometimes in multiple parts, that flows freely through a dot matrix printer continuously.

Sizes and widths of listing paper

Listing paper dimensions

Listing paper is measured firstly by the depth of the sheet (distance from top to bottom of the page). This measurement is in inches.

The standard sheet depths are:

The next measurement is the width of the listing paper. This is measured from edge to edge including the sprocket margin (the holes at the edge). This measurement is in millimetres (mm). 

The standard sheet widths are:

Confusing, no? But the industry standard is to measure the depth of listing paper in inches and the width in mm.


Listing paper includes a sprocket margin for the wheels of a dot matrix printer. This is included within the width measurement.

Listing paper perforation types

Top Tip

There are three perforation types:

  • Unperforated – which means it’s impossible to tear off the sprocket strips at the edge.
  • Standard perforated – for easy removal of the (sprocket) edge.
  • Micro perforated – for a "clean edge" when the (sprocket) edge is removed.

Plain and ruled listing paper

  • Ruled listing paper (sometimes called "music lines" or "music ruled") can make the information easier to read. Lines alternate between light green and white.
  • Plain sheets – self-explanatory.

Number of parts

The options are from 1 part (1 part thick) up to 4 parts (4 parts thick whereby all 4 sheets go through the printer at the same time and have the same print).

  • 1 part paper is for a single sheet to go through the printer.
  • 2 part paper is for when you need 1 copy sheet. This copy sheet often comes in a different colour.
  • 3 part paper is for when you need 2 copy sheets. Both the copy sheets often comes in a different colours – e.g. one white, one pink and one green.
  • 4 part paper is for when you need 3 copy sheets. All the copy sheets often comes in a different colours – e.g. one white, one pink, one green and one yellow.

Want to know more?

Wikipedia provides a quite techie but interesting overview of dot matrix printing.