24-Hour Chairs - A Brief Guide

24-Hour chairs, also known as heavy duty chairs, are made to be very hard wearing. Built to do as the name suggests: suitable for 24 hours per day and 7 days per week usage.

A typical usage would be security where by different people use the same desk at different times of the day.

So what are the differences between a 24 hour chair and a standard operator’s chair?

  • Fabric. These chairs will be made with a tougher fabric to withstand longer periods of use.
  • Construction. The materials used in construction are particularly hard wearing.
  • Gas lift. They have a gas lifts that can take a weight up to 150kg.
  • Seat. The Seat will be wider than your standard operators chair for wider gum girth.

Office chair jargon-buster


Height-adjustable. The seat height either raises or lowers to suit the user.

Asynchronous tilt. The seat and back will move independently of each other.

Synchro tilt. The seat and back move in a synchronised motion and are lockable in multiple positions.

Standard tilt lock. The seat and back move backwards in tandem.

Adjustable lumbar support. Lower back support adjusts internally in the seat for additional support to the lower back.

Posture back. Sculptured seat and back with kidney shaping for the ultimate in back support.

Adjustable back height. The back can be heightened and lowered to fit the user.

Seat slide. The seat slides forwards and backwards to match user’s size.