Comb Binding Machines at Paperstone

Comb binding machines are a popular choice with many office administrators for binding multi-page documents and business presentations. Plastic comb binding allows huge volumes of executive reports to be produced very quickly, and the machines are easy to use and cost-effective, with professional results.

They provide a traditional look for corporate presentations, with the option of a flip chart design if you prefer it.

A plastic strip with teeth fits into holes punched into your document pages. Materials bound in this way can be easily dismantled if you need to add or remove pages. It’s easy to re-use the comb and covers.

How to use a comb binding machine

  • Adjust margins and the guides on your comb binding machine according to your user guide. Do a test on one sheet of paper to make sure the holes are located correctly.
  • Place plastic covers at the front and back of your pages. These will be punched along with the paper stack.
  • Select the number of pages to punch according to your machine’s capability.
  • Put the edge of the papers you want to punch firmly into your machine. Depending on the type of comb binder you have purchased, you will either push a button to punch the holes, or pull a lever. Don’t muddle up the order of your pages!
  • Repeat until all of your pages and the plastic covers have been punched.
  • Remove your last section of pages and insert a comb into the machine. The spine should be facing the back of the machine.
  • Open out the comb by turning the knob at the back of the comb binder, and slide the comb through the holes you have punched in the paper.
  • Close the comb by turning the knob. Now you can remove the finished book.

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