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Plastic Binding Combs

Plastic comb binding is perhaps the most popular methods of binding in the office. Pages move around easily in comb-bound documents which can lay open and flat on a table or desk. This makes comb binding ideal for presentation and meeting handouts.

Pages can be removed and added without difficulty as the comb is reusable.

Comb sizes and capacities

The width of the spine determines the capacity of the binding comb: The wider the width, the more pages can be bound by the binding comb.

Size (mm) Sheet capacity
6 25
8 45
10 65
12 95
14 125
16 145
19 165
22 195
25 225
28 240
32 280
38 330
45 390
51 450

So, for instance, a binding comb with a spine 28mm can bind up to 240 punched sheets of A4 paper. For presentation purposes it is better to choose a binding comb with a capacity near to the amount of sheets you intend to bind. Even a hundred sheets of paper would flap about hopelessly if bound by a 51mm binding comb.