VeloBind strips, GBC SureBind, Strip Binding

What is VeloBind?

VeloBind is a document binding system, particularly popular for binding reports and theses / dissertations. Small holes are punched through the document by a VeloBinder. VeloBind strips consist of a strip of plastic with rigid prongs. The prongs are inserted through the paper and met with another strip with holes to accommodate the prongs. The book is then held tightly while the excess, protruding lengths of the prongs is cut and the tips melted to seal the bind. The VeloBind is cheap and effective. VeloBind can easily be removed with a utility knife.

VeloBind is a GBC trademark but is often used as a generic for this type of binding. Strip binding is sometimes used to refer to this process. SureBind is another GBC trademark.

VeloBind products at Paperstone

  • GBC SureBind Strips have 10 prongs. SureBind strips are available in black, blue and white.
  • GBC Desktop Velobinder Binding Strips have 4 prongs. VeloBind is also available in black, blue and white.
  • We also sell strip binders – strip binding machines.

Why buy VeloBind strips from Paperstone?

  • Paperstone has a particularly strong reputation in supplying binding machines and products
  • If the VeloBind strip you are looking for is in stock, delivery is made the next day – as long as you get your order in before 5pm.
  • Our experience in selling VeloBind / SureBind means that we should be able to answer your queries relating to strip binding. But if we can't, we will point you in the direction of someone who can.
  • A 30 day credit account is available for business users.
  • We strive to keep our prices as low as possible. But if you find the exact same product cheaper elsewhere, we'll refund you with the difference. See the Paperstone price promise page for details.
  • We also sell a very wide range of other binding, laminating and printing supplies.


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