Nail the job with a sticky fixer!

Have you ever hammered a nail into a wall with great care, and watched in horror as a crater appeared and the plaster crumbled?

Mini DIY disasters are common when carrying out a fixing task.

If you’re not particularly handy at DIY, you can use a simple alternative to screws, nails and glue - sticky fixers.

These are small adhesive foam pads which are sticky on both sides. Sticky fixers are a quick and easy solution for lots of household fixing jobs, both inside the house and outside.

Sellotape double-sided sticky fixers

Sellotape sticky fixers are a top-end version: they are high quality, reliable, efficient, and easy to handle. They are strong and have great fixing power.

These environmentally-friendly fixers can be used to join and mount paper, card, wood, ceramics, metal and most plastics. Perfect for craft work and art displays, Sellotape Sticky Fixers even work with uneven surfaces!

Sticky fixers are versatile

You can use sticky fixers for card-making, scrap books and all sorts of creative projects, as well as little jobs in the garden. For example, they can be used to fix house numbers to your front door so that your friends can always find you!

One little word of caution though: we don’t recommend them for displaying valuable items like antiques- you might damage delicate surfaces and spoil your debut on the Antiques Roadshow!

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