Carbonless Paper - A Guide

Carbonless paper, sometimes known as NCR paper, is copying paper used for reproducing documents in duplicate or triplicate. It is therefore ideal for producing your own purchase orders, invoices, receipts, personnel forms, contracts, job estimates, reports or any other multi-part form. Last-minute design changes can be easily accommodated.

How it works

Carbonless paper works by means micro-encapsulated dye which is distributed as the top sheet is printed upon. The reproduced print is very true because the capsules are so small.

Carbonless paper formats

Xerox NCR digital laser printer paper is available in three forms:

  • 3-part sheets, white, yellow and pink (for triplicates)
  • 2-part sheets, white and pink (for duplicates)
  • 2-part sheets, white and yellow (for duplicates)

So, for example, taking the first type: the top white sheet is printed onto in a laser printer, with the print reproduced on the lower yellow and pink sheets. If this is a form of some sort, the information will be produced in triplicate as it is filled in by hand.