Blank Business Card Paper - A Guide

If you need blank paper on which to print your own business cards you're in the right place. Business card paper is paper which is micro-perforated, designed specifically for printing your own business cards. 'Micro-perforated' means that your printed business cards can be separated from one another without evidence of the tearing.

Business Card Paper at Paperstone

At Paperstone we have a terrific range of business card paper. You might be wondering why there is so much choice, asking yourself, “Has capitalism gone completely mad?” Here's how the paper on which you will print your business cards varies:

  • Inkjet or laser business card. Inkjet and laser printer paper have, among other things, different absorbencies to suit the printing method.
  • Weight or gsm – grams per square metre. Gsm roughly corresponds to thickness or “cardy-ness” if you like. Our business card paper ranges from 190gsm (quite thin) to 270gsm (thicker and so more rigid).
  • Matt or gloss and in between. And textured.
  • Curved or straight edge,

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