A1 Picture frames

Choose an A1 picture frame for artwork, prints or photographs measuring 594mm x 840mm.

An attractive framed picture can add warmth and atmosphere to your home or office and boost morale and productivity.

Paying for professional framing is expensive, but with a little care and consideration you can do it yourself.

Select your frame thoughtfully and consider these points:

  • What look do you want to create- formal, classy, modern or playful?
  • Will you be changing the picture often? If so choose a front-loading A1 picture frame so that you don’t have to remove it from the wall
  • Co-ordinate your frame with other accessories in the room
  • Modern art and photographs can carry off bolder, chunkier frames
  • The type of glass in different frames is variable and sometimes plastic is used, particularly with clip frames. Check the product specifications for our A1 picture frames before you order.
  • Sometimes a series of photographs can be mounted together inside one A1 picture frame to tell a story and create interest.