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Round office tables - a buyer's guide

Why choose a round office table?

While choosing an office table is very much a matter of preference, research has shown people relax more at a round office table, rather than a square or rectangular one. A round table creates an informal and friendly atmosphere, and is perceived as less hierarchical. There is no “head of the table” and so a circular office table tends to promote discussion and a feeling of equality among colleagues.

Everyone has the same amount of space or “table territory” when sitting at a round office table. A circle is a worldwide symbol of unity and co-operation, and when people sit in a circle they identify with the group and tend to adopt a collective mind set. Some psychologists have found that a working environment with lots of curves is linked to people feeling positive and creative at work. There is also the practical benefit that there is less chance of knocking your elbow or knee on a circular office table!

If you are furnishing an office, you will probably want to consider the type of business you run, and whether you think it should have an informal or formal image. In some professions it is desirable to have a more structure, and a square or rectangular table may add to this effect. For some general tips on placing office furniture, click here.

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