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A Guide to Buying Office Furniture

Welcome to Paperstone's office furniture section where you'll find a range of office furniture items to suit all budgets, from economy – good value but quality nonetheless – through to deluxe – more expensive with a posher, executive emphasis. Office furniture is possibly the most important business expenditure that you will make, fundamentally affecting the performance of your workforce and the impression that people make of your business. An attractively furnished office will enhance the performance and well-being of your workers and smart office furniture will impress clients and make visiting your business a pleasure for them. What's more, by making the right purchase of office furniture, you will save on replacement costs in the long term.

The office desk

The office desk is perhaps the first item of office furniture you need to consider as this is where most of the work in an office actually takes place. It is the metaphorical anvil where paperwork, reporting and talking to clients is hammered out and it is vital that the desk provides the space and facilities for all aspects of office work. We stock a wide range of office desks from basic, entry-level desks to boardroom tables in all shapes and sizes from comfortingly well-known brands. A lot of our office desks also come with built-in filing pedestals and other storage features.

The computer workstation

If space is at a particular premium, you may want to consider a computer workstation instead of a desk, particularly if you are setting up a home office or if work is predominantly computer-based.

The Office chair

The most important piece of office furniture when it comes to the comfort of your employees. As with desks, office chairs improve performance and general happiness. From standard office chairs to leather and non-leather executive seating, we've got the lot. A good ergonomic office chair may even save you on bills relating to occupational health.

My word! Paperstone's office furniture facts

  • The word furniture is attested by the OED from 1529 ('Appoyntyng such thyngs as shuld be convenient for my furniture').
  • The Greek pushed their eating tables under a bed after use
  • The vertical filing cabinet with which we are familiar today was invented by Edwin G. Seibels in 1898.
  • The term cupboard originally referred to an open-shelved side table for displaying crockery, hence the name.
  • Henry Petroski's 1999 tome, The Book on the Bookshelf is a study dedicated to the bookshelf and ways to display and protect books.

Here to help

We realise that office furniture isn't cheap (although we do aim to provide the best possible value!). For the office furniture shopper who's looking for a bargain, sort ptoducts by price to go from cheaper to more expensive as you descend down the product list. But if you are stuck, need a bit more info or advice, would rather order over the phone, or simply need some human reassurance, give us a call on 0345 567 4000. We will be happy to hear from you and will offer all the assistance we can.

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