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Why choose Carex handwash?

Carex is the leading British handwash brand – it was the first ever anti-bacterial liquid handwash when it was launched in the UK back in 1994. There are four main benefits of choosing Carex handwash:

  • The ingredients found in Carex handwash mimic the body’s own acidity regulation which helps to kill bacteria.
  • The mild detergents in Carex are very effective at washing away dirt and bacteria (when you wash your hands thoroughly using hot water)
  • Carex handwash kills 99.9% of bacteria in just a few seconds (some other brands take several minutes to kill bacteria)
  • Carex handwash has been thoroughly tested in the laboratory. During the process of product development, 92 suspension tests were carried out against 10 different strains of dangerous bacteria during several hundred hours of rigorous testing

At Paperstone we stock various sizes of Carex Handwash Original and also the Aloe Vera option for sensitive skin.

For a light-hearted look at hand hygiene, watch this YouTube video.

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