Antibacterial Hand Wash

Hand washing is a recognised front-line defence against infection and disease, and the regular use of antibacterial hand wash can be a useful addition to your hand-washing regime.

Hand washing is vitally important because in the right conditions bacteria like Escherichia coli (e-coli) can divide every 20 minutes. This means that in the course of a working day, a single bacterium can grow to nearly 17M bacteria if you don’t wash your hands!

Now there’s a good incentive to use antibacterial hand wash. Washing with normal soap initially removes a lot of germs, but they can quickly re-grow and multiply.

The main benefit claimed for anti-bacterial had wash, is that after washing, some of the antibacterial properties remain on the skin, giving some protection against the re-growth of bacteria for a short period of time.

However, because we all touch lots of surfaces in the course of a day- door knobs, keyboards, toilet handles, desks, and so on, whether you use anti-bacterial hand wash or normal soap, you will still need to wash your hands regularly, particularly after going to the toilet and before eating or preparing food.

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