Kentucky Mops

Kentucky mops are the ultimate janitorial tool - they are commercial quality mop heads, ideal for cleaning large, high-traffic areas.

They have larger, longer and flatter heads than the traditional domestic mop, and can hold and transfer larger volumes of water during cleaning to speed up the task.

Kentucky mops do a very thorough cleaning job- and are colour-coded to meet cleaning industry standards. Kentucky Mop heads are available in red, blue, yellow and green so that you can use different mop heads to clean different areas and avoid the problem of cross-contamination.

The British Institute of Cleaning Science recommends colour-coding items like cloths, buckets, dustpans, brushes, and mops, rather than using one mop to clean every floor. In that way, bacteria from washrooms and toilets do not spread into kitchen and food preparation areas and other public spaces. 

It’s suggested that you use a Kentucky mop colour-coded red for toilet and bathroom areas, yellow for kitchen and food preparation areas, green for public areas and blue for restaurant areas. Of course, you can vary the colour codes as long as you stick to the same principle. 

At Paperstone we offer colour-coded, washable Kentucky mops (including a flat head version) at economical prices, and we also offer a Bentley disposable Kentucky mop head, for even greater standards of hygiene.