Which mop bucket should I buy?

Mop buckets vary from simple lightweight buckets with handles to mobile buckets with castors and a built-in wringer to remove excess water from your mop.

Here at Paperstone we offer three options and each type of mop bucket can be purchased in red, green, yellow or blue, in order to facilitate colour-coded cleaning.

The most efficient option for cleaning larger spaces is the 20 litres mobile mop bucket with a wringer. These buckets are easily manoeuvrable on four tough castors, saving the user from carrying a heavy bucket around. The lightweight gear-action wringer allows the user to expel excess water from the wet mop, so that floors don’t become excessively wet or slippery.

The second option is a 16 litres heavy duty traditionally-designed mop bucket which has a place to manually wring your mop, but doesn’t have a gear-action wringer or the benefit of being mobile.

A third, very cheap option is a simple 10 litres, lightweight mop bucket with a lip and no wringer.

All three types of bucket are available in different colours to fit in with the British Institute of Cleaning Science (BICS) colour coding scheme. You can use different coloured mops, buckets and cloths to clean different areas and avoid the problem of cross-contamination.

It’s suggested that you use a red mop and bucket for toilet and bathroom areas, yellow for kitchen and food preparation areas, green for public areas and blue for restaurant areas (of course, you can vary the colour codes as long as you stick to the same general principle).