Staple Sizes - A Guide

Staple sizes – How they work

The most common type of office stapler usually takes No. 56 staples, also known as 26/6. In this instance, the '26' refers to the gauge of the wire and the '6' refers to the length of the staple shanks in millimetres. However, there are some less popular staple sizes, in which the first number is not relative to the wire gauge. In these cases, the second number still usually refers to the shank length. There are also a few staple sizes which are just listed as a number.

The staple size is usually on the underside of your stapler. Some staplers are able to take multiple shank lengths, which you can choose according to your stapling capacity needs. We have a handy chart below to help you find your staples. If your stapler or staple size is not listed below, call a member of the sales team on 0345 567 4000 for friendly advice.

Stapler compatibility chart

Stapler model Compatible staples (size)
5 Star™ Full-strip and half-strip models and long arm 24/6, 26/6 (no.56)
5 Star™ Heavy Duty 23/8, 23/12, 23/15
Rapid R13 13/6
Rapid R19, R23, Hobby Tacker, Eco Tacker 13/6
Rapid R33, R113, R83 13/6
Rapid Eco Mini, E12, E14, E15 Freeze, S30, K45, FM22, FM20, F30, F18, FX Stand Up, Ultimate StandUp, S1, 20EX, S17, S27, Eco Staplers 26/6
Rapid K1, K2, HD12/12, HD12/16, S50 26/6
Rapid Super Strong 100E, 105E, 106E 66/8
Rapid Super Strong HD31 73/10, 73/12
Rapesco Z-Duo T Tacker 13/6
Rapesco R7 Sting Ray, Puffa, 545, Skippa, P20 Shimma 24/6, 26/6
Rapesco Spinnna 717, Porpoise Plier 24/6, 26/6, 26/8
Rapesco HD73 73/12
Rexel Odyssey Multipurpose Odyssey
Rexel Auto 10, Delphi, Office 10 Plier, Buster 10/5 (no.10)
Rexel Aquarius, Centor, Ecodesk, Easy Touch, Gazelle, Long Arm, Matador, Meteor, Polaris 1420, Taurus, Torador, Wizard 24/6 (no.16), 26/6 (no.56)
Rexel Optima 40, Optima 40 Electric, Optima Grip Electric 26/6 (no.56)
Rexel Optima 70 Rexel Optima 70HD
Rexel Bambi 25/4 (no.25)
Rexel Mercury Mercury
Rexel Gladiator 23/8
Rexel Goliath 66/8, 66/11, 66/14
Rexel Trojan Stapling Plier 73/10
Rexel Stella 30 Auto 25 Staple Cartridge

If you need any further advice on staple sizes, give one of the team a call on 0345 567 4000.

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