Staple Removers - A Guide

Staple removers work with a pincer action to unfold and pull out staples in one motion. The design is focused on functionality and robustness with no unnecessary decoration (unless one includes the ergonomics of the handle) and minimised number of parts to lower costs and production time.

Did you know...?

The modern staple remover is believed to have been conceptualised by an Irish housewife, Meghan Rooney (no relation to Wayne). However, Ms Rooney had initially intended the design to function as an implement to remove stitching and not as a staple remover.

Two staple removal methods

The “quick and painful” method (which often ends in tearing of the paper) is where the user forcefully clips the front flat side of the staple, causing the folded tabs on the reverse side to open and pull through the entry holes. This method requires much less time. But although this method is quick, it can have the undesirable side effect of tearing the paper when the folded tabs pull through. Tearing usually does not occur when higher quality paper is used or the staple connects three or more sheets. 

The safe method is a lot kinder to your paper but takes slightly longer. Ensure the following steps are taken:

  1. Turn the paper over to the side where the staple's prongs have been folded.
  2. Use each opposed pair of tines to clip one of the prongs, re-straightening them and in the process raising them from the paper.
  3. Turn the paper back over to the front side against which the main body of the staple has been pressed.
  4. Gently slide the tines on one side of the remover under the main body of the staple and press the remover's halves together until you have a firm hold on the staple.
  5. Continuing to maintain a firm hold on the staple and pull the entire staple gently out of the paper.

Although more time-consuming, your paper will love you for it!

Top tip

The notch on a modern-day staple remover is to remove broken staples by hooking the aforementioned broken staple into the notch and utilising the standard pincer action.

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