Heavy duty staplers - buying tips

Office staplers are everywhere you look and it’s easy to think they’re all pretty much the same. However, when choosing a heavy duty stapler, there are a few important points to consider. Here are some brief guidelines to choosing your ideal product:

  1. Consider the type of documents you will need to staple. Will they be reports, booklets, magazines, brochures? Consider how this might affect the design you choose. For example, will you need an adjustable throat depth? 
  2. Think about the number of pages you will be stapling together. Ordinary desktop staplers can only cope with 25 sheets or less, depending on the model, but a heavy duty stapler will handle many more. Some heavy duty staplers will take up to 60 sheets, others will accommodate 200 sheets or more. Read the product descriptions carefully for each model and look at the “sheet capacity”. High capacity heavy duty staplers often use different sized staples for different sheet counts, so make sure you order all the staples you need.
  3. How often will the stapler be used? If it’s going to be used a lot, choose the sturdiest model you can afford- some have a five-year guarantee. If one person will be doing a lot of stapling, then consider an ergonomic heavy-duty stapler for extra comfort. 
  4. Do you need to save space on your desk? Some staplers can stand upright.
  5. Anti-jam heavy duty staplers offer jam-free performance or jam-clearing mechanisms.

Rexel heavy duty staplers include features like wide rubberised handles to protect hands, durable die cast designs and adjustable throat depths to suit the task. The Rexel Odyssey is a low force stapler which reduces the effort expended by 30%.



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