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Why choose a single hole punch?

If you want to make a single hole in a sheet (or multiple sheets) of paper, then you need a hand-held tool called a single hole punch. This tool most often has a plier-style design with a punch head (a cylindrical cutting edge).

Here are 4 tasks you can easily perform with a single hole punch:

  • Make a hole for a fastener in a pile of work papers which you want to keep together
  • Punch holes in card for card-making projects and art projects
  • Make holes in tickets to show that they’ve been used
  • Punch holes in playing cards to eliminate cheating!

Don’t confuse single hole punches (intended for paper use) with the leather punch, which looks similar. You need the latter for punching through animal hide. A paper hole punch will soon be wrecked if you try to use it on any material apart from paper or thin card! Always read the specifications for your single hole punch carefully to see what it is intended for.

If you want to punch a single hole and bind documents easily, you can buy an eyeletter punch (sometimes called an eyelet punch). This is a type of single hole punch which crimps a metal fastening loop around the hole to permanently attach a few sheets of paper. 

For example, the Rexel 950 Solid Steel Eyeletter Punch will punch holes with a 4.7mm diameter and attach copper eyelets to your document. It’s made of chrome and robust enough for everyday use.

To find out more about single hole punches and various other hole punches, see Wikipedia.