Heavy duty hole punches - buying tips

Although the modern office is geared towards high-tech, computerised equipment, traditional manual equipment has its place too- and this is particularly true for hole punches.

A hole punch is an essential piece of equipment for many businesses, and it’s often worth spending a little extra to acquire a solid, long-lasting model. You can then avoid the disruption caused if a hole punch breaks down in the middle of a major punching job. 

Take time to double-check the specifications of your heavy duty hole punch before purchasing it. It’s a good idea to read other purchasers’ online reviews before you make a final decision. This will help you assess the overall reliability of any particular model. 

Ask yourself these two important questions when buying a heavy duty hole punch:

What sort of capacity do you need?

Good heavy duty hole punches should be capable of punching at least 30 sheets simultaneously and many models can do even better, handling between 60 and 100 sheets. So work out how many sheets you need to punch and which end of the scale you should aim for. It’s generally a mistake to buy a punch and use it on maximum capacity all of the time, so aim for a higher spec punch and use it on medium capacity. If you do a lot of punching, consider buying a machine with replaceable parts. Remember that the high capacity, longevity and long-term economy of heavy duty hole punches are three major advantages over electric punches.

Do you need adjustability with your heavy duty hole punch?

Many heavy duty hole punches are not adjustable; they often punch just 2 holes, or sometimes just 4 holes- not both. However, there are a few models that have the versatility to punch 2, 3 or 4 holes, like the Rapesco 95 Adjustable Heavy Duty Punch, for example. If in doubt, buy an adjustable model so that you don’t need to buy a second punch later for a different job.