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4-Hole Punches

A hole punch is a helpful desktop tool which expands your filing capacities greatly. A typical hole punch has a lever which pushes bladed cylinders through multiple sheets of paper. Standard hole punches have 80mm of space between the holes, and a hole size of 6mm.

If your filing system uses binders or folders with 4 holes then you will need a compatible 4 hole punch.

Tips for choosing 4 hole punches

Select the right punch for your needs and it will last for years. So think about your requirements carefully before you make a purchasing decision. There are two major factors to consider:

  • Do you need versatility? Some 4 hole punches (four hole punches) can be adjusted to vary the number of holes punched and the spacing of the holes (standard 4 hole ring binders and folders will be accommodated by all 4 hole punches of course). For example, the Rexel 420 adjustable hole punch will allow 3 hole and 4 hole punching- and it can even be transformed into a 6 hole punch to fit diary and organiser folders. It may be more economical to buy an adjustable punch in the beginning, rather than choosing a less versatile punch and then having to buy a second one later for a different task!
  • Do you need a heavy duty 4 hole punch? Think carefully about how many sheets of paper you want to punch, and how thick the paper or card may be.  It’s essential for thicker documents that you use a heavy duty punch as a lightweight punch might get damaged, and may be uncomfortable to operate too. A sturdy, heavy duty punch will provide greater leverage. It’s also a mistake to buy a punch and use it on maximum capacity all of the time- it’s better to choose a higher spec punch and use it on medium capacity. If you do a lot of punching, consider buying a punch with replaceable parts.

When looking at 4 hole punches you might also want to think about ease of storage, portability and appearance, and whether you want it to match your other desktop accessories.