Tetley Tea

Tetley tea is the nation’s favourite tea - so there’s no better drink to keep you going through a hard day in the office. 

Customers and clients will appreciate a cuppa too - it’s the preferred blend of 48% of the UK population!

Here at Paperstone we’ve got a great range of Tetley tea products, so there’s something to suit everyone’s palate.

We stock one-cup tea bags in larger packs of 440 or 1100 for the thrifty buyer, and two-cup teabags so you can make a friend a welcome cuppa too.

And if you want to detox, we sell Tetley green tea, which has five times the amount of anti-oxidants in it than normal black tea. Tetley takes green tea from Africa’s high altitude plantations and combines it with leaves from Asia to make its famous green tea blend.

We also have a whole range of fruit and herbal infusions, so you can have a different blend every day of the week if you want.

To watch a fun Tetley tea video, click here.