Coffee sachets for the busy office

Why buy coffee sachets? There are several good reasons:

  • Coffee sachets provide coffee which is guaranteed to be fresh. This is handy in offices where people drink a lot of tea or perhaps prefer water, and only want an occasional coffee. 
  • Sachets deliver a cup of coffee at top speed, which can be useful in very busy environments
  • Some sachets can be used with coffee machines for extra convenience
  • It’s also handy to keep a few cappucino or latte one-cup sachets in the cupboard, for entertaining clients or even having a treat when you’ve finished a difficult piece of work
  • Coffee sachets are good to keep in your handbag or briefcase. That way, if you go somewhere and they haven’t got your favourite coffee brand, you can provide your own!

At Paperstone we stock Nescafe, Lyons, Douwe Egberts, Café Direct  and Kenco coffee sachets. We have instant and filter coffees available, guaranteed to hit the spot and give you the boost you need!