Fountain Pens

What is a fountain pen?

fountain pen nibA fountain pen is a superior writing implement that contains a reservoir for ink, or else uses replaceable reservoirs in the form of ink cartridges. Ink travels from the reservoir to the nib through a feed. Since when writing the nib is usually below the ink reservoir, gravity pulls the ink towards the nib, but capillary action if also involved in fountain pens. Capillary action is caused by the surface tension of liquids in small spaces.

Most fountain pens nowadays use ink cartridges but many fountain pens at Paperstone are convertible for use with bottled ink.

The Paperstone range of fountain pens

You should find the fountain pen you are looking for here. We supply fountain pens for all budgets, from disposable fountain pens from Bic, Pilot and Pentel, through mid-range pens from Parker, right up to more expensive lacquer pens from Waterman.

We also stock, of course, a full complement of ink cartridges, refill ink and blotting paper to keep your fountain pen in constant use.

Fountain pen brands

  • Bic
  • Parker
  • Pentel
  • Pilot
  • Waterman