A3 picture frames

You will need an A3 picture frame for artwork or documents measuring 297mm x 420mm – that’s double the size of A4. (These dimensions are specified under International Paper Size Standard ISO 216).

Selecting an A3 picture frame

Here at Paperstone we have a variety of A3 pictures frames to suit your budget and home or office décor. Budget A3 frames start from as little as £2.89 for a plastic 5-star clip frame. We sell front-loading and back-loading frames (the front-loading are ideal if you want to change the picture at regular intervals without the hassle of removing the frame from the wall).

We have a range of coloured A3 picture frames, including black ones which look good for showing off awards and certificates, and other business-like documents.

You can also choose to buy frames which include mounting kits for your convenience.

If you want masses and masses of information on picture frames, visit Wikipedia.