The Wave Desk

The subtle contours of gently curved wave desks suit those who want to avoid a strict linear aesthetic.The front edge at which the office worker is sat presents joined convex (the thicker end) and concave (the thinner end) curves – thus the wavy effect. They are ideal for use with flat screen monitors. Wave desks will acccept under desk pedestals on the narrower end of the desk.

Like radial desks, wave desks are available left-handed and right-handed.

Types of wave desk

We sell three main types of wave desks: Cantilever wave desks have a cantilever support, allowing more leg room and movement. Panel end wave desks have a panel at one or both ends of the desk. Straight-legged wave desks have no other supporting structure apart from narrow legs. Brands of wave desks include Influx, Sonix and Adroit. Call us on 0345 567 4000 if you want a bulk order quote on wave desks or any other office furniture.