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NOBO Projection Screens, NOBO Projector Screens

A projection screen or projector screen is a surface on which images are projected from a DLP™/LCD, OHP, slide or movie projector. Front projection screens display images by reflecting the light projected onto them. (Back projectors are opaque to allow the light to pass through them from behind). Because they work through reflection, the image projected has to be reversed. While commercial cinema projection screens usually have a reflective surface for high contrast, projection screens for conferences, presentations and home cinema often have a matt white finish.

NOBO projection screens at Paperstone

NOBO is the top name in presentation and NOBO projection screens vary widely for use in different contexts depending on space, convenience and projection method. Although DLP™/LCD projection screens are increasingly common, these can often be used for OHP projection. Sometimes screens come with extension brackets to counter the “keystone effect” – that is, image distortion when the projector is not centred. Most NOBO projection screens have a widescreen 4:3 format.

Our NOBO range includes:

  • Permanently fixed NOBO projection screens which can be wall or ceiling mounted.
  • Free-standing, NOBO tripod projection screens when a wall screen is not available or possible or if you want to position the screen in different parts of a room.
  • Portable desktop projection screens.
  • Portable floor standing screens.
  • Wall-mounted electric rolling projection screens. Like pull-down screens but quietly motorised – perfect for limited space and home cinema.
  • The ultra-cool Flexion projection screen which is fold-away and has a black border to define the image.

So if you need a projection screen for either corporate or home use, you should find an appropriate screen here. If you need any advice on choosing the right projection screen, give us a call on 0345 567 4000 and we'll be happy to help you out.

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