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 Follow the bright light - Projectors


Whether it’s with a portable or a standard model, projectors give your presentations more oomph.


Our BenQ and Philips projectors are designed to deliver clear, crisp and responsive image through video or static documents.


Pixilation variations include:


-          1080p projectors - 1920×1080 pixels, also known as full HD

-          720p projectors - 1280×720 pixels, also called HD Ready

-          480p projectors - 640 × 480 pixels, also referred to as Standard Definition


Lumens – What is that?


Lumens are a measure of brightness. However, brighter isn’t always better. For uses in a dark room 1,000 to 1,200 lumens can easily give you a bright well-adjusted image. In contrast a 2,000 lumen projector may be so bright that it’s hard on the eyes.


The best level of brightness depends on ambient light. Image size and screen material (Have a look at our Projection Screens range).



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