Why choose jumbo toilet rolls?

Standard toilet rolls have long been used in homes and small business settings, but restrooms in larger commercial premises can benefit from a system of jumbo toilet rolls.

Jumbo toilet rolls are much larger than standard toilet rolls and have several advantages in a busy workplace:

  • They deliver greater capacity with minimal maintenance, so reducing labour costs
  • Jumbo toilet rolls are protected in strong metal or plastic dispensers which keep them clean, dry and secure from theft (theft of toilet rolls has been a big problem historically in some workplaces)
  • Washroom users are less likely to encounter embarrassing “emergencies” when there is no toilet paper available in the cubicle
  • Most modern jumbo toilet roll dispensers are designed to minimise waste and save money.

When selecting the best jumbo toilet rolls for your restroom, we suggest you work out costings taking into account the number of rolls you’re purchasing, paper quality, sheet count and sheet size. When making your choice, you might want to consider whether you want embossed paper for an up-market image.

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