A Guide to Hand Towel Dispensers

It’s a common experience. You go to the bathroom in the office building or at the pub. You wash your hands like the good hygienic soul you are. And then you stick your wet hands under an electric drier. After about 30 seconds of ineffective drying, however, you wipe your hands on your trousers and leave.

Where did all the paper hand towels go? Has history really consigned them to yesterday’s toilet? How did the hot air of 1950s electronica replace hand towel dispensers which were in any case better at drying our hands and face?

Don’t despair. The hand towel movement is still simmering away. Apart from those powerful, energy-efficient Dyson numbers, electric hand dryers pale in comparison to hand towels which dry effectively and quickly – which is what you need for high-traffic washing areas. We therefore advise you to proudly mount hand towel dispensers on the walls of washing areas.

Types of hand towel

interfolded hand towel

  • Interfolded, sometimes called Z-fold or C-fold depending on format. For hygienic single sheet dispensing, touched only by user (See image right).
  • Hand towel rolls sit horizontally in the dispenser and roll over the cardboard core.
  • Centrefeed rolls sit vertically in the dispenser and dispense the towel through the centre of the roll – either after removing a cardboard core or just through the centre of the roll. (See image below).
centrefeed hand towel roll
Centrefeed hand towel rolls