Disclaimer - price comparisons, discounts, coupons

Price Comparisons

In short, price comparisons are for your use only and do not commit us to any contractual obligations.

All copyrights, trademarks and tradenames are acknowledged. Any price comparison we make with another company is based on prices for the same product(s) published on the stated date(s). In the meantime, prices may change without notice. The price comparison is for personal use and guidance only and does not constitute any contractual representation or warranty. Liability for errors, omissions or consequential loss is expressly disclaimed. Prices shown exclude VAT, discounts, special offers, promotions, delivery charges etc which may alter the final price payable by the customer from the published price.


Discounts do not apply to items which are already on special offer or which are already discounted. All prices are correct of time of being published. Paperstone reserve the right to modify or cancel any or all of these offers at anytime without notice.


Each coupon can only be used once and cannot be used in conjunction with any other coupon. Claimants must be 18 years of age or over.

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