What is Paperstone's privacy policy?

Your Personal Data

We also get sick and tired of spam emails. That's why we happily abide by EU and UK data protection legislation. We won't pass on any information or details about you to anyone outside Paperstone unless it is essential to getting your order processed and your goods delivered to you - i.e. suppliers and couriers, who will also keep your details protected. Paperstone will not sell, trade or rent in any form your information to a third party. When you register with us we will collect basic login data (e.g. email, name, password) to identify you and to send out Order Confirmations. We collect delivery and billing information (i.e. billing/delivery addresses, phone number) at the Checkout page in order to process your order and to contact you in the event of a problem with your order. By using our website, you consent to the collection and use of this information. (Sorry for the legalese).

Your information is stored on servers in our (guarded) business premises. The only people who can access this information are Paperstone employees because the system is password protected so even an intrepid burglar could not access it. None of your information is kept on a laptop or CD of the sort a drunken civil servant might leave on a train.

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